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) And, when you are recently divorced, you are most likely out of practice in the dating world. (And before you ask, please know that I didn't make these up. (I call this the "DUI -- Dating Under the Influence of Stupid" -- which you'll want to avoid at all costs!Casual dating can be a lot of fun, but it can become exhausting if you are constantly going only on first dates.Are you tired of pulling the “Go Directly To Jail” card that reads, “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 0”? " checklist that can pinpoint the mistakes you might be making that could be clouding how others perceive you in the earliest stages of dating. Sometimes when you're dating, you may take actions that could be considered "stupid" because you're afraid of being alone.So how can you stop yourself from seeming needy, crazed, or desperate on those early dates? Let your authentic, compassionate and brilliance shine through to increase your confidence and success in dating. But if you want a long-term relationship, choose clothing that shows you're classy have style. Both men and women can set their intention for the date, but if you're a woman, let the man plan the date itself. Ladies, don't tell the guy where to go or what to do; in fact, try to refrain from making any suggestions unless he specifically asks you to -- and even then, tell him to surprise you. When a man holds the door for you, tries to pay for dinner, or offers you his jacket, let him!Men, when a woman offers a compliment -- whether it's about your kind eyes or your million-dollar smile or your Italian leather shoes -- accept it graciously. Make it a point to let him know you enjoy the decor of the restaurant, but keep the fact that you're not a fan of French food to yourself. Be sure to hold back on sharing deeply personal matters. Leave the past in the past and focus on being in the now.These are great opportunities for women to practice embracing their femininity and for men to practice embracing their masculinity. It goes without saying that this isn't the time to talk about your ex, your alimony or your custody arrangements. Kindness and attentiveness go a long way toward creating the image you want to communicate. Find your happy medium when it comes to hanging out with him or her.

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"We knew there are tons of self-help books on how to date and how people match," he says.

"Some people say women should be silent; the men should be in control. It doesn't seem there is a clear consensus on how to behave."To measure the matter, Mc Farland, with his colleague, linguist Dan Jurafsky, set up Stanford graduate students on speed dates and asked them to fill out a scorecard after each encounter indicating whether they'd go on a second date.

The researchers then analyzed 1,100 transcripts of these quickie encounters, searching for words, phrases, and conversation patterns that caused men and women to "click."Among their major findings was that women feel disconnected when they have to pepper men with questions or when men ask them questions.

This is why most of my favorite first dates are structured to avoid the “audition” frame that so many first dates turn in to – sitting awkwardly across from each other, asking the 10 standard getting-to-know-you questions everybody asks and spending most of the date inside your own head instead of, y’know, enjoying yourselves.

This is one of the reasons I prefer to avoid the coffee date and the dinner-and-a-movie date: they’re cliche and boring and minimize any real chance for interaction.

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