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Set in the 1920s — two decades after the first series ended “The Forsyte Saga: Part 2 — to Let” follows the courtship of two star-crossed Forsyte cousins.Children at the close of last series, they are now 18 and in love, but as they soon find out, their parents hide a dark secret that ruins their romantic dreams.movies but removes any sort of background of the killer.The problem with this movie isn’t the mere fact it’s no different from any number of horror movies that have come before but that it doesn’t bother adding anything new or unique.Hugh (Hugh Bonneville) knows well the perils of soldiery. In the Great War, he lost the use of his left hand and suffered a head injury that causes recurring headaches.

Tom also made an awkward revelation about their time on Love Island – and ex Sophie Gradon might not be too pleased.

Instead, we’re treated to four characters we don’t care about (and one is especially annoying) and a killer we know nothing about until the third act and even then it’s minimal and ultimately unsatisfactory.

The cast is really nothing special, although I suppose Emma Malin probably stands out given she has the most screen time and makes the most out of a script that doesn’t offer a whole lot except to run around, scream, etc.

His wife, Sybil (Anastasia Hille), worries about him, and he in turn worries about her, especially when her health mysteriously declines.

Edward (Stephen Dillane), on the other hand, worries only about getting caught cheating on his wife, Villy (Lesley Manville), who is pregnant.

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