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The team has also created "Dirty Barack", a splicing of Barack Obama 's "The Audacity of Hope", "Dirty Peter Pan and the Long Black Penis of Evil", and "Dirty the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Shitpile".

Oh, and it has nothing to do with a Harry Potter / Dirty Harry crossover.

Both attempts were criticised and the US Supreme Court struck down the CDA in June 1997.

There is no settled definition of pornography, either in the United Kingdom itself, or in the multi-national environment of the Internet, where cultural, moral and legal variations all around the world make it difficult to define ‘pornographic content’ in a way acceptable to all.

THE END IS SURELY NEAR: DOBBS HIMSELF CAME ONSTAGE IN PORTLAND AT THE LEMURIA RISING DEVIVAL! This attack by NHGH did not prevent a devival at the DEATH EQUINOX 98 con (see PICS n' PORN! It IS utterly chaotic, and I have no idea how anybody finds time to read it all.

See the fuzzy long distance shots and grainy blow-ups and see for yourself. It's all in: To make a long story short, our big preachathon scheduled for Boston was so un-P. that it was banned before it ever happened -- then we did it anyway on the steps of an old church while the cops and lawyers stood by. Legume and I have both admired tire-biting-mad preachers, ranters, and other fellow kooks for our entire adult lives. ), nor the ALL-BABE-PREACHERETTE ATLANTA DRAGONCON HAPPENING (see PIX), NOR did it stop us from EDITING THE HELL OUT OF THE X-DAY AUDIO AND VIDEO, resulting in a SHITLOAD OF GREAT NEW TAPES AND VIDEOS YOU CAN BUY!! But amidst all the trash and detritus is a lot of excellent writing and truly bizarre educational opportunities.

With the help of a lot of people who have donated their time and resources, DALnet has become the largest IRC network with Services today.

Are there APIs available to sources that contain good lists?How about some grainy looking Real Video clips showing the WEIRDEST MOMENTS of: 2 hours -- -- all the nudity, violence, madness! Important New X-Day Xcuse: re: the Holocaustal Problem Nfilter: A Spam Filter for fighting the alt.slack Forgery Flood HOUR OF SLACK on SHORT WAVE! As you lurk there you'll start to identify the "regulars," and sort out those whose posts you like to read and which ones you can generally skip over.Negativland - OTE radio is live on the Web Web News from JESUS! Sick of our OUTDATED WEB LINKS PAGES but don't want to volunteer to redo it yourself? We'll do it EVERY YEAR until the world ends RIGHT, if that's what it takes! While this website is ruled with iron hand and velvet glove by yours truly, and will probably eventually go COMMERCIAL, alt.slack is governed only at the whim of J. "Bob" Dobbs himself, and is certainly more democratic because of that. Stang on AOL CENTER STAGE 5/5/96 And if you really want to DELVE into the dark past, see Rev. "Law and the Internet" (ISBN 1-901362-30-2) can be ordered direct from Richard Hart Publishing at a cost of 25.00 per copy, plus 3.00 postage and packing for the first copy and 1.00 for any subsequent copies.[Mastercard/Access and Visa can be accepted.] For further information see: pornography should be regulated is one of the most controversial topics to have arisen in relation to the Internet in recent years.

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