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Expect to see Maseratis and Jags pulling up by the entrance for valet parking conducted by staff in top hats. The 62 rooms are divided between two halves of the hotel.The first half has an art deco theme and is known as the Art Deco Decadence side, with mainly neutral colours, sleek lines and classic designs such as Bibendum and Corbusier chairs.Yes, the capital city of Northern Ireland is starting to make inroads in the culinary scene and we’ve been fortunate enough to visit many of the city’s popular eateries.We’ve still plenty to tick off our list but if you’re travelling to Belfast any time soon, here’s a few local hotspots you may want to check out.

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On a Saturday morning, St George's Market is a mecca of slow food - and there's not much room for the hurried shopper; your best bet is to saunter and savour.Caroline is an encyclopedia of all that's edible, and she’ll have you transfixed as she introduces the tastes - and characters - on the trail.The meeting point is St George's Market on East Bridge Street. I set off on a mission to probe its most creative restaurants, and find some of its most talented food producers.Led by the very entertaining Caroline Wilson, this walking tour takes you to Belfast's foodie hotspots, with lots of sides of stories and laughs along the way.

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