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I made my way to the Rail Europe website in early-June (2011), and thanks to their “buy-4-get-5” promotion at the time, I purchased a four-day German rail pass, and received an extra and fortunate fifth day of travel.A five-day German rail pass for one adult from Rail Europe costs (*) 7 and 4 USD in second- and first-class, respectively.Prices depend on several factors, demand and train type are two of them.So if you are willing to hunt for those cheap tickets weeks in advance and give up flexibility while you travel, you don't need any train passes.) until your first day of train travel and head to the station’s reservation desk, where a railway official will validate your pass – which, by the way, is virtually worthless without this validation stamp.From this point on, all you need to do is write down the date of travel each time you board a train (unless you take more than one train a day).They are issued as paper tickets which are then punched by the conductor every time you use them on the train.The reason for my post is that I want to warn people what occurs if there is a problem with your ticket so that you can consider if they are really worthwhile or whether you should buy single tickets.

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You can reduce this price to €89 or even €69 if you book a week or more in advance.However, if you want the freedom to change your plans while you travel, a German Rail Pass or any other Eurorail Pass is your chance to save money.The range of train passes for Germany and Europe is quite overwhelming.In these Aid Offices our friendly and english-speaking DB employees will be happy to assist you in case of questions or problems concerning your German Rail Pass.Very interesting post on this subject from Tripadvisor: Be careful when ordering a Deutsche Bahn Railpass from home!

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