Intimidating names for boys

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We mean the two-syllable, surname-sounding names like Caden and Brody, Logan and Landon.Many parents seem more willing than they might have been before to bestow upon their sons unisex names also well-used for girls: Peyton, Jordan, Taylor, Sasha.aggressive name by reputation, aggressive breed by reputation thanks to all the lame f%*k heads out there who breeds these dogs to be fighters.Capone might have a fierce name to go with his appearance, but hes the nicest family dog anyone could ask for.Boy names have undergone a radical shift over the past few decades, with the old stalwart names like James and Robert making room for a whole army of new choices that break the traditional masculine mold.The trendiest boy names are not exactly feminine, or even androgynous, but are decidedly male names that nevertheless don’t hail from conventional masculine roots.It was so deep that his hair has a permanent incision. My yorkies are showing him plenty of love but when he came yesterday he ate every bit of food in the dispenser.

What we’re interested in is your view of masculinity as evidenced by these changing boys’ names.Do you think the change in names is evidence of a deeper change in the way we think of boys, of masculinity, of what we want for our sons growing up?How did your own views of masculinity play into the name you chose for your son, or a name you might pick in the future?Even Ryan Gosling played the role of Lars in “Lars and the Real Girl”. Flash will appeal to modern parents who are looking for an active boy name.We think that Flash would make a nice nickname or middle name.

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