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By state law, sex offenders have to return to the county in which they lived when they committed their crime. However, there are 19 municipalities in Milwaukee county, each with different restrictions on where he can live -- various buffer zones around areas children might be -- schools, parks, daycares and so on.No one has given him any information on what those rules are, and he knows one wrong move can put him back in prison.(Edit: when I started this 4 days ago, never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen!! Also, ff you have clothes for his mother, she will be so appreciative of it.I started by asking for 0 to get Chauncy a lawn mower, lol!!! People have been showering Chauncy and his mother in an ocean of love and support. She informed me that all of their posessions were stolen a few monts ago, including all her clothes.

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After 22 years in prison, he’s getting out, his time served. Watch our nasty bareback pigs fuck raw and wild like you've never seen before.With armpit deep fisting, all out gang bang fuck parties and cum swapping sex featuring dirty little piggies, filthy daddies, muscle studs and sleazy gay bottom twinks, we at Hot Desert Knights invite you to GET IN THE ACTION!But are those restrictions really keeping you safe? Just, 'We're gonna put you on this GPS bracelet, and good luck.’ That's all they told me," Schechter said.Four hours after leaving Fox Lake, Matt Schechter walks out of the state building on 6th Street -- his first steps into freedom after 22 years. The prison van left him here to be processed by parole and fitted with a GPS monitor. The maze he will try to navigate over the next 48 hours spotlights serious issues with sex offender residency requirements in Wisconsin.

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