Ps3 not updating games black screen

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Dear X, Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties with your copy of Tomb Raider on PS3.

don’t open the menu but just move the cursor on the icon like below: Now on your controller press these buttons at the same time : L1 L2 L3 (press left stick) R1 R2 dpad_down and you should see the folloing menu appearing : You will not be able to install any CFW yet, the syscon version is 9.99 so we need to fix this with the 3.55 rogeros firwmare: Copy the file on your USB stick (overwrite the downgrader file) and insert the USB in your PS3, now go to Update and choose to update from Storage Device.

Now your ps3 will update and restart to 3.55 rogero CFW.

I'm starting to hate this game and I haven't even started it.

im trying many many times without succes, im starting to hate zipper and sony. I used this method by born2destroy and got it on 1st try: " I have never had this update problem however a fix that worked for most people was this. Then, you can try to access the online multiplayer, at which point the game will prompt you to log into the PSN, and the update prompt appears again. There will be one last stage of installing data, which will take some time. - Play Station Forum And like I said was wrote by born2destroy I hope it works for you It not working for me. I make mistake first time, didnt now about the problem and install game with patch 1.05 first. Maybe someone who download and install all updates can upload the files ?

The 1.05 patch won't download for some users - you need to install the game data FIRST on a PS3. I have no problem with download patch 1.05 it takes few seconds, but i cant download the updates. Console frezze at 13% or 16% sometime update download till 98% and stop. Okay just picked this game up and i put it into my Fat PS3 and it installed and downloaded everything fine first time didn't crash or anything, Now i have put it into my Slim and i can install and download the 1.05 patch no problem but soon as i get to the 1/4 patches and the first one which is like 460mb ish i cannot get past 20% it crashes my PS3 and forces me to restart, I have tried my broadband wired and wireless and tried it on 3 different accounts a UK, USA & JAP and still can't download it without my PS3 crashing i have tried different ways of installing from the posts above and still having no luck has anyone got a Fat & Slim they could try it on see if they get same problems? When the black screen prompts you to update to 1.05, press O to quit (instead of X to continue). Let the game install the game data (if at any time it prompts you to update, DO NOT, otherwise you'll be stuck in the same download loop as you were before). Make sure that you can access the game's main menu (after the game data is installed). This time you'll notice that there will be no hiccups - all 4 updates should download fine. For as long as Socom 4 has been out on these forums i cant say i have heard anyone use this fix, but hopefully it will help others if does work." I took this method from: SOCOM: Special Forces update fix?

The larger drives that you are replacing into the PS3 are not officially supported by ourselves, and since the game actually works with the drive that comes with the PS3 - we advise that you speak to Sony regarding the support of any third party hardware.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we hope that the issue is resolved for you soon.

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