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It’s probably the performance in the programme that least resembles its reality; it’s also the most captivating. So you are faced with an unsavoury reality: fancying George Osborne. In his first substantial scene, the tousle-haired Tory is laying, fully suited, on his bed, and is awoken by David Cameron banging on the door. The rest of the time Osborne is calm, laconic, weary of being the voice of reason: he is so clearly convinced the party’s future means Number 10.

He comes off as a supreme puppet master - the real George Osborne must be thrilled - and delivers some of the best lines of the piece: when the first whispers of the Coalition emerge, he purrs in Cameron’s ear, “People expect us to be ruthless.

Did you notice that the condoms in dodgy Jim Atwood's car were the same brand as found on the crime scene? Trish's ex-husband Ian (Charlie Higson) refused to hand over his DNA to the cops - is he her attacker?

Jim's still a suspect, as is creepy cab driver Clive Lucas (Sebastian Armesto).

Eton’s motto, ‘Floreat Etona’ (‘Let Eton flourish’), has never seemed more apt as former pupils such as Hugh Laurie, Dominic West, Damian Lewis, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Harry Lloyd dominate our stage and screens.Episode three saw Clive emerge as chief suspect, after it was revealed that he has Trish's key fob.But Ian's not in the clear either - he lied to the police about how he got home from Cath's party.Such is the current reputation of the school – one commentator has even gone so far as to call it ‘the alternative Rada’ – that its plays sometimes attract London agents on the lookout for the next big thing.Lining the corridor that leads down to the dressing room are photographs of past productions, some of which feature some famous faces: the young Dominic West playing Hamlet, a youthful-looking Damian Lewis as Wackford Squeers in Nicholas Nickleby, Tom Hiddleston as Bernard Nightingale in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, Harry Lloyd in Three Sisters and Waiting For Godot, and Eddie Redmayne as Henry IV and as Adela Quested in A Passage To India.

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