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Not only is lending the primary source of banks’ income, but it provides financing for productive activity throughout the economy.Historically, understanding the role performed by the commercial banks in the economy has had its roots in macroeconomic theory.The dividends and corporate benefits on the shares and securities continue to accrue to you while the shares remain in pledge till repayment.Inditrade’s Commodity Finance allows you to leverage on your commodity stocks such that you are left with funds for accumulation of stock or for holding on the sale of your stock till you get better prices.Banks are a particularly important source of funds for small borrowers who often have limited access to other sources of external finance.The three main interrelated functions of commercial banks are holding of deposits; creating credit through lending and investment activities; and providing a mechanism for payments and transfers of funds for various productive activities.

Cumulative perpetual preference shares should be fully paid-up and should not contain clauses which permit redemption by the holder.ii) These reserves often serve as a cushion against unexpected losses, but they are less permanent in nature and cannot be considered as ‘Core Capital’.You can provide cash or cash equivalent of securities as margin.It is a no hassles loan as the repayment happens every time you sell the purchased stock in an active account This product is especially useful when you are bullish on the stocks you hold and may not want to sell them in short term to meet your liquidity needs.What is the concept of a ‘designated Authorised Dealer’?Can there be more than one ‘designated Authorised Dealer’ for the same JV/WOS in case the JV/WOS has more than one Indian promoter?

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