Seventy thirty dating reviews

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Founded by psychotherapist Susie Ambrose, not only does Seventy Thirty attempt to match wealthy, successful clients with suitable partners, but they also employ life coaching, a wealth management advisor, and give work-life balance advice (hence the name of the company).

They even have a fashion and makeup guru on hand, as well as a fitness instructor.

Today, this is now all changed thanks to technology and a more sophisticated approach.

In the present, the advent of technology has forever changed the landscape and effectiveness of this means of meeting a significant other.

Eat Love Savor had an opportunity to chat with Susie Ambrose the founder of Seventy Thirty and get some insight into her firm, vision, its unique positioning and what Seventy Thirty offers to its global, affluent clients.

Any idea why Londoners spend more money on shoes than their country cousins do?

According to the Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City, this spending gap (urban residents shell out 25 per cent more relative to their incomes), is caused by a function of cities: as much as they are labour markets, they are also marriage markets.

The extremely high-end matchmaking service, Seventy Thirty whose clients must have £1 million in liquid assets and are charged from £10,000 a year, reports more interest ever since Lehman Brothers went under.

Seventy Thirty is dating service with a difference, a full-service matchmaker.

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