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Mr Corbyn, who appeared to be sweating under the studio lights, followed Mrs May on the crucial TV showdown.

Asked about his IRA ties, including inviting convicted members to the Commons shortly after the 1984 Brighton bombing, the veteran left-winger condemned 'all acts of terrorism'. One audience member said:' They did kill a lot of people didn't they?The rooms also have Kohler spa bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and gorgeous oriental rugs.Guests are taken care of throughout their stay, and can take advantage of concierge services, service shuttles, and access to a fitness & wellness center.Jack Rouse asked him: 'Is Labour's manifesto a realistic wish list, or is it just a letter to Santa Claus? I think it is a serious and realistic document which addresses the issues that many people in this country face, and we have been brave enough to put it out there with all the policies that are in it.'Another voter added: 'It's all very well for a socialist to stand there with his nice little red book and say we are going to fund all of these lovely programmes by taking more money from big business.'But what's you plans for the economy when those businesses turn around and say OK you can keep your high taxes, we'll go elsewhere? The veteran socialist was also mauled by voters over his lack of commitment to the nuclear deterrent, plans for a massive spending splurge, weak stance on Brexit, and IRA links.The Labour leader was jeered and heckled on a BBC election special as he repeatedly dodged saying whether there were any circumstances under which he would use Trident.

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