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Now we can see that it's not in the Windows 8.1 either.

After seven years, it looks like Windows' built-in benchmark has finally been laid to rest.

We are the first who are going to share this amazing trick.

Almost all of us Windows users have played built-in Microsoft games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, Chess, Free Cell, etc and many of us are aware of some secret key combinations like "Alt Shift 2" to instantly win in Solitaire, "Ctrl Shift F10" to instantly win in Free Cell, etc.

It was also hoped that WEI would serve as a universal, easy-to-understand way for software developers to communicate system requirements.

It has to be said, "this game needs a WEI score of at least 4.0 to run smoothly" would probably have been more accessible to the man in the street than a big list of Ge Force and Radeon model numbers.

Scores from 3DMark06 and 3DMark Ice Storm cannot be directly compared.

If you alter your desktop resolution, you will also alter the target resolution for the final image scaling.

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Though this idea didn’t catch on, but people still used WEI score to compare how well their PC performed.You can instant win, enable autoplay, sneak peak behind cards, curtain, mines, etc. We have shared lots of unique tricks in past like adding program shortcuts in Desktop context menu in Windows 7, adding cascading menus in Desktop context menu in Windows 7, customizing Windows Explorer Command bar in Windows 7 and many more which were first posted exclusively here at Ask VG and then got featured by many other well known websites including Lifehacker and Microsoft.Now its turn of another cool trick which has not been posted or discovered by anyone else yet.If you seek to obtain the absolutely highest score from a test (for overclocking contest purposes, for example), setting the desktop resolution to match the internal rendering resolution of the test you are running may provide a very slight increase to your score.Note that the introduction of 4K UHD ("4K") displays have slightly changed the situation regarding image scaling.

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