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I hope everything was clear, english not being my native language I bet there are some mistakes ... Any comment more than welcome, the system can still be improved (ie. normally with gmail I receive the mails on my phone between 1 and 3 minutes after the cam was triggered.

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You can still pay if you want sms and twitter notification features The first file send a mail attaching the last picture took from the webcam since the alert.$dir = "C:\Users\USER\Dropbox\Cam\video\BJRIU\grabs" here put the directory "grabs" where every picture are saved, I use my Dropbox account so that I can have access to every pictures easily from anywhere. I tested both i SPy and Contacam from Contaware (also Windows freeware) you should have a look to it, it do not have the tons of i Spy's features but is far simpler to use and integrate all features you need in your case.

You can save the files anywhere you want and name theme the way you want---------------------------------First file name "ALERT.ps1" ---------------------------------$Email To = "[email protected]"$Email From = "[email protected]"$Subject = "INTRUSION"$Body = "ALERT"$SMTPServer = "smtp server of your provider (ie. Mail Message($Email From,$Email To,$Subject,$Body)$attachment = New-Object System. Sadly this instructable is impossible to do for mac users.

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